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Build 4093

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:36 am

Please note that this build is most certainly NOT a release by AeroXP, and is strictly classified as warez. This is an independent release. No asking for downloads, they will be in other places.

The disc itself is 1Gb in size, and will boot and install. I have installed it on my MacBook Pro, so it still works. It has no timebomb I think, but it makes up for it in being the very worst build to ever reach your hands (ignoring 4083, which was terrible). Explorer is buggy and slow, first boot can be slow, and more.

There are, however, some goodies in this build. Firstly, it's got the M8 wallpaper (but as M8 was designated for build 5000 only then 4093 is still M7). It's got a (very buggy) Avalon-based Windows Movie Maker with some XAML templates. It has also got a new display control panel application (hidden in the Windows directory).

This build is for all of you collectors out there who loved the Longhorn builds, and as a last goodbye from the people behind OSBetaArchive. I don't pretend that it's an awesome build, and I know it's very buggy and unstable. But I hope that you who still care will find some enjoyment in it.

NOTE: Im running this build right now and I love it, best build I ever used.


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