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WinHEC officially kicked off on May 4, 2004 and attendees were lucky enough to obtain a copy of the latest build of Windows Codename Longhorn. This build has a new theme called Jade, which is a combination of silver and blue, as well as other under the hood changes which you are soon to discover.

The installation does not differ much from the previous known build, 4053. The hardware installation phase is still extremely time consuming. Not much is asked during the installation except for the where Longhorn will be installed and the computer name. There is no mention of setting up user names.

User Interface
The first thing noticeable when booting into 4074 is the new theme. The new theme called Jade is a combination of silver and blue.

My Computer icons and look has received a face lift. The folder icons have been given a more realistic look than the previous eye candy look Windows users were so accustomed to. The hard disks are still labeled as Local Disk and not the letter subscript still used in XP. There is a tab labeled Storage which contains a few icons or shortcuts to tasks such as Music folder, documents folder and gaming folder. I don't really see the need to clutter the My Computer window with shortcuts to applications. The view feature seen on the left hand side of the screenshot below can be used to toggle the size of the icons.

Many of the changes in this Longhorn build is the addition to a few conveniently placed icons on the upper part of each folder. For example the Games folder has a few icons which are associated with game playing; such as display properties, game controls and parental controls. If you notice, there is also an icon for default patching options which, when clicked, displays a feature which can automatically check for updates to the game selected. The default game patching options is a feature which is similar to Windows Update; I guess MS is taking this security thing seriously. These icons can be disabled by clicking on the "i" on the upper left hand corner.

The taskbar notification icons have been moved to the sidebar and replaced with short cuts. The shortcuts by default perform several tasks such as showing a log of the notification history (when prompted for installing new hardware that Windows has found). There is also an icon which runs a search on your current computer or the internet.

The Longhorn sidebar is still enabled by default meaning that the sidebar is started when first login. Though the sidebar is easily customizable allowing a user to add several features, I personally don't find much use for the side bar because it uses way too much space. I took a screenshot of all the components running on the sidebar such as contacts, basket, quick launch, search, slide show and

Build Numbers
There aren't any noticeable differences on Internet Explorer except for the build number, which now carries 6.05.4070.0. Another area which hasn't received much improvement is the control panel. Still the same icons with no new additions. The display settings reveal the new themes added to this Longhorn build.

Outlook Express' look has changed and now looks much cleaner than the previous build. I can't really say much about Outlook Express because while playing with it, it closed after a few seconds without warning or any error displaying. The build number is 6.05.4074.0.

The version of Windows Media Player that Longhorn 4074 is using is and Windows Messenger's build is 6.0.4074.0.

Longhorn 4074 does run smoother and faster than the previous build, however, the installation time has not been improved from previous the previous build. I encountered a few bugs here and there. For example, I explorer froze when I tried to copy a file to the Music folder or the Photos and Video folder. I had to restart explorer.exe by ending the copy task. Apart from bugs, I must say that I am impressed in how smooth this new build runs. The OS responds almost immediately to my clicks and though not even in beta stages yet, we are seeing an increase in performance from build to build. There are a few tweaks that can enhance the performance of this new build including a few registry hacks and disabling some services; the guide can be found here. Unfortunately, this build does not carry DCE (Desktop Composition Engine) which means we are going to have to be teased a few builds more by MS before it is officially released.

The main improvements in this build include some icon changes a few build upgrades, a new theme and smoother performance. Though the new jade theme can be a bit distorting, the new icons certainly make Longhorn lean towards a more professional look. I was thinking of running a benchmarking tool to actually measure the improvements in performance, but I didn’t see the need to do so since this is just an operating system in an alpha stage and shouldn't be used as a primary OS.

Longhorn will go through some drastic changes in the near future starting with the first beta release in 2005. The second beta will reportedly be announced sometime at the end of 2005, which will sport the Aero UI. This build is Milestone 7.2; sometime in the fall, Milestone 8.1 will carry 3D Avalon. MS plans to implement a new driver model supporting QOS. Other information on this build and future builds can be found here.

Comment on this article here. Ask for support in our forums here. More screenshots of Longhorn 4074 have been added for your viewing pleasures down below. Enjoy.

UPDATE: It turns out that DCE is actually available in Longhorn 4074.


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